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Your Conversation Counts is about bringing communication expertise to your veterinary practice. We often concentrate on improving and updating our clinical skills, when actually it's the conversation with the client that will determine if they hear us and heed our advice. 

The skills you  learn from these workshops can also to be applied to the vet-care team and improve communication between vets and nurses, colleagues and managers alike. 

Dr. Sandra Nguyen

Veterinary Oncologist, Educator, Communicator

BVSc (Hons I), Dip. ACVIM (Oncology), MANZCVS


Dr. Sandra Nguyen is a specialist veterinary oncologist and communication has become her passion. She completed her Oncology residency at Cornell University before going on faculty at the Ohio State University (OSU). While at OSU she had the opportunity to undertake advanced communication training, including the Bayer Institute of Healthcare Communication and the FRANK communication course.  

Sandra has been an invited lecturer for CVE, ACVIM and AVNC. 


"Sandra was a pleasure to learn from - wonderful, caring, intelligent and motivating!"

"Sandra is a phenomenal teacher and I am a better veterinarian for it"

"Her communication with clients is compassionate and caring. The workshop was among the most useful and practical I have had the pleasure of attending"

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