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  • In-Clinic workshops are interactive and designed for everyone in the veterinary health care team and can be conducted in the familiar setting of your clinic, allowing for minimal disruption. Off-site single clinic workshops are also available depending on your preference

  • Small group workshops are limited to 12 people, allowing for maximum learning and individualised attention

  • All workshops can be personalised to your needs

  • Examples include

    • Money Talks: Discussing the costs of pet care with confidence

    • For a better end: dying with dignity

    • Saying sorry: being open with medical errors


Client centered communication modules allow you to get the most information from your client, and ensure increased compliance and retention.


Creating a safe and open working environment is imperative to keeping your staff happy - and the team based communication module helps this happen!


Ultimately after the Your Conversation Counts training, the patient is the biggest benefactor - happy client, happy staff, happy patient!

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